About Us

At Chiptong we specialize in making Australia’s finest Hot Pepper Sauce.

First we take the freshest ingredients and ferment them into what we think is the world’s tastiest hot sauce.  First our chilli buyers source this great land of ours to find the best range of chillies that go into every bottle of our hot sauce. Once we have fermented these with a dash of Himalayan salt and some Australian Riesling to kick of the chilli ferment process. This can last for up to three months to ensure our chilli mash has a bold, well rounded flavour. We then mix this with a blend of organic vinegar to form our famous Chiptong Hot Pepper Sauce.

We love feedback, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

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ChipTong - Australian Hot Pepper Sauce 2014 - Buy Chiptong Online Worldwide

Chiptong Hot Pepper Sauce is made from the freshest Chillies, Australian Wine Fermented and Himalayan salt. We believe that you will love our Hot Sauce that we offer a Money Back Guarantee